How to Raise Your Dog Healthy and Happy


Getting a dog as your pet is not just an animal to be with you all the time when you’re living solo, dogs have feelings, needs and wants just like us, humans normally do. In fact, if you have healthy relationship with your dog, you can be at ease every time you leave at home.

Here are the fun ways to raise your dog healthy and happy. Eventually when you raised them well, you too can benefit from it.

  1. No hitting allowed

Try to be modest at him even when he’s being a little bit moody at times. This is to let him know that you understand him during “his” bad days. Always be gentle, never punch or hurt them as they might have scars and it will leave marks on their skin.

  1. Give them a good diet

Never allow them to overeat, they will find the difficulty to move and hard to breathe if overweight. Fat dogs when running can easily feel unease and they can no longer run with you in the morning, since their body fats will make them to be lazy and sleep all day.

  1. Constant supply of water

Change the water container at least once a day and refill it up with fresh water. Your dog needs lots of fresh water to keep their body to function properly and to digest food normally.

  1. Make time to groom your dog regularly

To keep your dog’s skin shiny, healthy and clean from lies wash them with a dedicated shampoo for them and brush their hair. If you notice that they have lumps or cysts on the skin bring them immediately to a veterinarian. There is no other person to know what’s the real cause of those lumps only the veterinarian.


  1. Let him swim

Take your dog out for a swim, a perfect exercise to prevent him to suffer from arthritis or stiff joints.


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