Reasons Why a Dog is better than a Cat

For multiple reasons we’ve been discussing over the years, the reasons why a dog can make your life more meaningful than cats.

There are people who prefer to own a cat and we cannot blame them for their choices. Furthermore, let us check why most of the people prefer to have a dog and what are the things we truly enjoy with them.

1. Real-life heroes.

Oftentimes we encounter stories from our neighbour or even at the news sites that dogs help them at home and how amazing they can be when a crisis arises. Dogs help their owners and willing to sacrifice their own life.

2. They help you to change your mood dramatically

Spending time with your “best friend” around 15-30 minutes can lessen your stress level and increase your happiness. Notice that whenever you’re feeling down and you chose to play with them allows you to forget your current bad mood.

3. Dogs are loyal

As their owner, they will never betray you thus, they will always try their best to protect you from anyone trying to hurt or do something awful to you. You will feel safe when you’re with them.

4. Dogs are not materialistic

They won’t ask for too much, you only have to give time and appreciate that they do exist even if others treat them as a pet only, not a family member like you do.

5. You always have them excitingly waiting for you to come home.

Dogs are known to be overly attached to their owners, don’t you love it even if you’re living alone or everyone is busy at their work, your dog will always be there to approach and hug you each and every time you arrive? You don’t have to Google caterers near me for some interaction if you have a dog around!

6. Dogs can make you forget the bitterness of being single

Having your dogs with you all the time lessen your worries and indeed give you a purpose in life. Rather than thinking why it takes time for your special someone to come in your life.

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