Smartest Breeds of Dog

If you’re planning to have a dog as your pet, you might want to consider choosing the ideal breed of a dog based on your lifestyle.

Here is the list of the smartest breeds of dog we have prepared for your perusal.

  1.    Poodle

It is considered as the 7th most popular dog breed and expensive for a valid reason. Poodle is active and hypoallergenic; they have high intelligences making them to be easily trained and will definitely obey your rules.

  1.    German Shepherd

You mostly see them walking inside the mall with a police officer, the German shepherd is excellent to be workers in purpose especially in security. They are smart, confident and brave, they can easily detect if someone could bring danger to the society. German shepherd may not show affection all the time but they are loyal to family members, to the point that you can leave your kids with them.

  1.    Doberman Pinscher

One of the scariest breed of dog, they have amazing strength and endurance and most of all speed. Doberman Pinscher is the king of speed among the other breeds of dog. It is born to be a guardian to his owner and family.

  1.    Border Collie

The most powerful dog breed, it can control his flock by simply gazing through their eyes, he can make them follow his lead. Border Collie is blessed to have abundant in-born blessing such as: unlimited energy, think independently, affectionate, athleticism and very cuddling.  They became famous for having a “herding eye”.

  1.    Golden retriever

What could be the most lovable that a dog can do? the golden retriever is very devoted and sporty dog. They really take full responsibility of their job and they always try their best just to make the people around him happy. You can ask your golden retriever at home to close the door, bring you the phone or any other important tasks simply because, they are intelligent and indeed a loving companion you will ever have in your life.

  1.    Shetland Sheepdog

Next, to the golden retriever, Shetland sheepdog is one of the most reliable companions you can ever have at home. They tend to bark to strangers and inform you there are dangers near you. If you want to live a happy life, get a Shetland sheepdog and you can play with him for as long as you like. Its characteristics are miniature working collie, playful, intelligent herding dog and they really love to play and learn new tricks from you.

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