Top 10 Tips on How to Train Your Dog

It is commonly known that Vancouver is a dog friendly city. Here are some tips about how to train your dog and live comfortably in this urban jungle we call home.

You can simply implement new boundaries and start to see behaviours that you like, occuring more often – by being aware of how you and your dog co-exist.

Here are the top 10 tips about how to train your dog.

Be Confident

Whenever you ask your dog to do something, do so with conviction. It really is much easier getting your dog to comply when you are calm.


Be Patient

When you are patient, your puppy is more likely to respond to you. Try to avoid getting disappointed when training. You may do so by giving them a more exaggerated cue, making a few steps forwards or back, or getting rid of distractions.

Be Consistent

Try to be consistent with everything so your dog does not get confused. Coach close friends and family on guidelines around your dog to prevent blended signals and opportunities for your dog to pick up bad habits!

Set Realistic Expectations

Practice skills in easy environments such as your home, while you’re vacuuming, then progress to public places like sidewalks (but avoid any Scottsdale Demolition sites), and finally buffer these skills by adding small distractions incrementally.

Understand Your Dog

Dogs learn mainly through association and consequence. However, they also spend a lot of time reading our body language! Being aware of how you carry yourself and what you indirectly teach your dog most definitely impacts the success of your dog’s training.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Set aside 30 seconds to 5 minutes to practice setting limitations, practicing manners and polishing up on obedience skills. This takes time and requires awareness! Ask them to do something before giving any treat rewards!

Use all of these techniques and include each of them within your day to day program. You will be pleasantly surprised what you can accomplish with awareness and small practice sessions each day.

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